Business Process Analysis

We know how airlines work, inside out. We have been actively involved in developing solutions that address specific areas within an airline.

Together with our customers we have analyzed existing processes and bottle-necks, identified potential solutions, performed market scans and successfully redesigned and implemented new organizational structures, business processes and IT solutions.
Improving business processes and organizational effectiveness go hand-in-hand with the implementation of software products. Our services do not stop after we have given you advice; we will also support you during the implementation project.

  • Documenting of current processes
  • Analysing current processes and implement Quick Wins
  • Suggesting larger improvement areas
  • Planning improvement with given time line

Projects and Achievements (selection)

  • Successfully led the IATA SIS (Simplified Interline Settlement) project from the vision to the vendor selection (first 2 years).  Also lead the functional requirements gathering during the entire 4 year project.  This involved directing various user groups with carriers on a worldwide basis; covering passenger, cargo and non-transport (miscellaneous – ground handling, engineering, ATC etc). This project was implemented in Sep 2011 / May 2012 and included an intelligent e-Invoicing platform and interfaces to the major clearing houses. It was the largest change in the last 35 years of Revenue and Financial Accounting.
    This multi-million project which lasted 4 years, was delivered on time and implemented with minimal impact into IATA and the IATA carriers world-wide. Conservative estimates value the cost reduction benefits to the carriers to be over $700 million per year.
  • Coordinated and suggested improvements for carriers in an alliance.  This delivered significant increase in efficiency and cost reduction for each of the carriers involved.
  • Successfully analysed the business processes around a licensed Revenue Accounting system. As a result the processes were improved and the efficiency of the business unit was increased to compete with any outsourcing solution.
  • Drove various process analysis which lead to a cut of non-value added activities


Györgyi Szanter
Head of Finance Services
British Airways

Roland Flowerdew
Programme Manager
British Airways

Gianna was asked to help BA define its Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) processes as a critical step towards implementing a replacement PRA system because of her comprehensive knowledge of airline Revenue Accounting and her analysis skills. She rapidly established herself in the department and began a series of conversations with key individuals, triggering thought processes around how things were done versus how they needed to be done in the future. She documented the outcome in a comprehensive “PRA Master Document”. She then started to assess how each process would be affected by the implementation of the new system, enabling the implementation manager to prioritise the critical areas and build a comprehensive plan. It was most beneficial in smoothing the path of a complicated cutover.

Throughout her engagement, Gianna was professional in her approach, combining friendliness, readiness to challenge what she was told, and the experience to ensure that she documented the actual processes. Where matters were unclear, she drew on her extensive domain knowledge to suggest ways forward. Her commitment to the project was beyond question, and she ensured happy cooperation from all parties by her well-stocked suitcase of Swiss chocolate.

Dr. Markus Schlobohm
Head of Process Management Revenue Accounting
Lufthansa Global Business Services

Working with Gianna follows the triangle of challenge, expertise and fun. She is challenging the team, questioning the results and delivering high quality, based on her profound expertise in processes, but also in methods and management skills. Combined with her open personality and congenialness working with her is also fun. I am very grateful for this experience!

Merrick Adelstein
CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Her proactive approach to identifying problem areas and proposing innovative solutions helped us improve our business considerably. To accomplish this, Gianna needed to draw on her in-depth sector and business knowledge as well as her understanding of business processes.

She [Gianna] demonstrates focus and an ability to identify areas / processes lacking structure. She is then able to communicate these issues to management together with realistic proposals for implementing improvements.