Leading Multicultural Teams

  • Leading and motivating multicultural teams to achieve outstanding, measurable outcomes
  • Combining in-depth business knowledge with strong team building capabilities

Projects and Achievements (selection)

  • Designed and led high-performing, multicultural global teams in various successful projects – working across timelines, boundaries and cultures.
  • Successfully led the SkyTeam project on the business side. Gianna directed the business workgroup and led the alliance representatives through a challenging path of cooperation in a highly competitive sector.  
  • For over four years Gianna acted as a Director for Revenue Accounting for Star Alliance; coordinated and suggested improvements for carriers in the alliance.  This delivered significant increase in efficiency and cost reduction for each of the carriers involved.

    Passenger Revenue Accounting / Miscellaneous Billing / Fraud Prevention / Sales Audit:

    • Supported joining carriers to change their processes as required by the alliance
    • Defined and steered with the steering group the strategy and various projects
    • Defined and implemented with carriers subgroups/task forces new concepts and procedures
    • Supported Sales and Marketing in implementing new concepts integrating the accounting early on
    • Lead the carriers through the challenging implementation of SIS (Simplified Interline Settlement)
    • Supported smaller carriers to improve their processes and achieve the same goals as the larger carriers
    • Prepared and run meetings allowing carriers to discuss and decide on common topics


Mauro Oretti
Vice President Sales & Marketing

I very much enjoyed working with Gianna on a multilateral financial settlement model, at the inception of the SkyTeam alliance. She is a focus-minded, determined, trustworthy professional with a broad knowlegde of aviation issues - from the nitty-gritty of revenue accounting methodologies to high level strategy setting. And a person full of character, amiable and easy to get along with, even when pressure is on.

C.Altuğ Meydanli

Vice President Revenue Accounting
Turkish Airlines

It was really a pleasure to work with Gianna in the  Star Alliance RAA and the Steering Group of Star RAA. She did an excellent job  in heading  the group efficently and motivated  with her solution oriented and proactive approach. Her dedication, capability of finding new/alternate solutions and handling different cultures as well as her in-debt industry knowledge  contributed a lot  for  the success of Star RAA. I would like to highlight her strong work ethics and joyfull character that I personally witnessed.