Markets and Products

Supporting companies to better understand their markets and improve their products

  • Performing Market Analysis and define tailored strategies for markets and products
  • Creating and conducting business cases to support the proposed strategies with financials
  • Analyzing the market drivers and proposing appropriate sales approaches

Projects and Achievements (selection)

  • Developed Market Strategies and suggested Product Enhancements for successful product placements to leverage past financial investments in the Air Transport related market. This resulted in a multi-million revenue benefit and prevented the end of the product life cycle.
  • Supported a client to better understand their market and the customers’ decision drivers. This resulted in a better understanding of the market by the sales team and a higher success ratio of sales activities.


Pam Craig
Director of Strategy and Marketing

It was a pleasure having Gianna at ATPCO! She worked with us between November 2012 and May 2013 to lead a revenue accounting market analysis exercise, deliver a strategy plan, and ensure that she transferred her knowledge of revenue accounting to ATPCO staff - a job well done! We were very happy with the result, which met all the deliverables set out in the project charter. Gianna used a methodical and structured process, while involving the ATPCO team throughout and ensuring the buy-in of senior management from start to finish.  Gianna always brought her passion for the revenue accounting industry to bear in all of our discussions.
The team working with Gianna noted that she clearly explained the approach, to make certain that each section of the business case and strategy plan could be repeated in-house in future years. She ran the project with strong planning and project management principles, which meant that the deliverables and expectations for herself, and for the team members, were clearly defined; every day the team knew exactly which actions would bring a successful outcome.
Thanks to Gianna’s effective leadership, we all left this project with a strong sense of working as a team to achieve a well-defined strategy plan that will shape our future.