NDC – One Order and Finance

Supporting Airline Finance to integrate best New Distribution Capability (NDC) and One Order

  • Outline NDC and One Order to CIOs and other Finance executives
  • Present different options for the integration of NDC with Tickets, in parallel to current legacy processes
  • Provide understanding of Settlement with Order (SwO) benefits, even with low volumes

Projects and Achievements (selection)

  • Successfully contributed to the IATA SwO (Settlement with Order) project from developing the vision to the first implementation. This included understanding NDC and One Order message standard and processes for sales through sellers/agents as well as interline (carrier – carrier and carrier-partners). This also included participating in various groups which as SOG (SwO Group of airlines) and NDC meetings.

    This substantial project included the following achievements:

    • Major contributor to defining airline finance needs with SOG for SwO and NDC-One Order messages
    • Defined potential posting process throughout the SwO process to allow fully automated reconciliation
    • Responsible for mobilization of the industry (various panel discussions and presentations) as well as leading the Adoption Group (including leading Finance and Revenue Accounting providers)
    • Successfully led the SwO Pilot with an UK TMC and a major European Airline, followed by full implementation of SwO between these two parties
    • Led the SwO POC (Proof of Concept) Interline between a legacy carrier and a ticketless carrier


Thibaut Ruy
Head Settlement with Orders Program

Having Gianna as a consultant, working closely with us two years on our Settlement with Orders program was key. She helped us shape our strategy; gathering industry requirements, and then lead this very important transformational project. She brought deep industry knowledge and insights. Being well known and recognized throughout the industry, she also facilitated much of the interactions with airlines and providers, especially with senior level executives.