Revenue Accounting / Revenue Information

Helping companies to achieve efficient processes

  • Analysing of current revenue processes and show improvement areas
  • Implementing new system and processes

Projects and Achievements (selection)

  • Successfully led the IATA SIS (Simplified Interline Settlement) project from the vision to the vendor selection (first 2 years).  Also lead the functional requirements gathering during the entire 4 year project.  This involved directing various user groups with carriers on a worldwide basis; covering passenger, cargo and non-transport (miscellaneous – ground handling, engineering, ATC etc). This project was implemented in Sep 2011 / May 2012 and included an intelligent e-Invoicing platform and interfaces to the major clearing houses. It was the largest change in the last 35 years of Revenue and Financial Accounting.
    This multi-million project which lasted 4 years, was delivered on time and implemented with minimal impact into IATA and the IATA carriers world-wide. Conservative estimates value the cost reduction benefits to the carriers to be over $700 million per year.
  • Successfully analysed the business processes around a licensed Revenue Accounting system. As a result the processes were improved and the efficiency of the business unit was increased to compete with any outsourcing solution.
  • Had vision and developed strategy for a new «Revenue Information». A change to catch up 20 years of «laying back» with projects worth around CHF 20 million. Lead the operational team and drove the projects from an owner’s perspective.
  • Significant role in the determination of the Airline’s Revenue by moving Revenue Accounting from a solely accounting driven team to a revenue protecting and creating team.


Robin Paul
Group Manager - RA Practice

I had the opportunity to work with Gianna during the IATA SIS Project. She was one of the main reasons behind the success of the project. Managing large airline working groups, converting discussion items into logical business requirements, overseeing design and development of the platform and validating the end solution to meet all the stated business objectives, she played a crucial role during every stage of the project. I learnt a lot working with Gianna. Thanks for everything.

With her knowledge of the airline business processes, highly impressive style of project management and ability to converse in 6 different languages, I am sure she will continue helping other airlines and industry bodies to streamline their processes.